About Me

mini_meHello and thank you for visiting my online home. I’m a freelance designer who specialises and excels in Branding and Website Design. My clients range from multi-national corporations to small start-up enterprises.

I take pride in creating the best possible design solutions, whatever the size of project or budget may be. My clients appreciate my creativity, enthusiasm, honesty and meticulous attention to detail. This in turn gives them unique branding and complementing design work, setting them apart from their competitors and giving them much greater leverage in their chosen markets.

If you need convincing further then you might like to read through my testimonials.

The Biography Bit…

Born in Birmingham during the summer of 1969, it wasn’t too long before Paul discovered he was “good at art”. This natural talent was nurtured at home, school and eventually art college where he excelled taking a Technical Illustration course at Leamington Spa, England.

Paul quickly found employment as a technical illustrator after successfully completing the course, but, after a few years, realised that the future of that profession was limited. So he decided to invest in an Apple Macintosh along with some design packages and set about teaching himself this relatively new technology.

In 1995 Paul moved to Dublin, Ireland to take a position as an artworker/graphic designer at BFK Design Group. It was here that Paul’s passion for graphic design began to bear fruit and it flourished further when moving south to join Kunnert + Tierney towards the end of 1996. By mid-1999 Paul seized an opportunity to work freelance and hasn’t looked back since. Building up a fine portfolio of work and his own clients. This incarnation of his website (v7.0 – July 2012) celebrates his 13 years in business.

Please take a look through the portfolio sections and if you feel you’d like to make contact, please do so.

In my spare time…

I am a single father of one son, I am very fortunate that I can work from home in order to spend as much time with him as possible. He is a major part of my life, I am immensely proud of him and with good reason. We share many common interests and he often helps with ideas for projects. We have even had our collaborative work published :)

I play a lot of 5-a-side soccer, not only does it help to keep me fit but it’s very enjoyable and takes my mind off work and design. As many fellow designers might agree, it’s difficult to ‘switch off’ when you are continually feeding your mind with design inspiration, learning new techniques and searching for answers to your current design-related problems. So playing soccer regularly is ideal for me in that respect.

I have to add design as an interest outside of normal working hours too, I find that the majority of books I buy and the articles I read on the net are design or coding related. As I said above, once you’re in ‘design mode’ it’s so hard to switch off and stop thinking about how to improve things… everything!

I also have very diverse musical tastes and music has played/will always play a big part in my life. In my younger years I played guitar and bass in three different bands (at one point all at the same time). However, I fear that my chances of becoming a rock star nowadays are somewhat diminished… but I still live in hope!

I am also an active member of Carbery Enterprise Group. We are a collective of business and media people collaborating voluntarily to encourage sustainable employment in the West Cork region.

Some of my loves randomly include: Aston Villa (I know!), Instagram (I need to use this more), Typekit (just awesome), Astrology (more than a passing interest), Apple Products (I’m a Mac user since 1987), Cars (especially Aston Martin, Jaguar, Subaru), British humour (can’t be beaten, from Python, to the likes of the League of Gentlemen, Mighty Boosh and Chris Morris) and finally, something quite new… CoBook (an amazing address book app).