Problems with Adobe Bridge CS3

I just wanted to share with you my recent experiences with Adobe CS3 and the Bridge application in particular. For some time I’d been getting performance problems on my Intel iMac that were only partly resolved by restarting the machine. I had come to the conclusion that it was a lack of memory issue as, being a busy designer, I am running a lot of applications at once as I flip and switch from one to the other. That’s almost the full suite of CS3 apps, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat, Bridge and Dreamweaver, as well as Entourage, Word, Firefox, Safari, iTunes and Font Xplorer all running in unison. After a while the Mac would start slowing down and switching applications became agonisingly slow.

So… getting fed up, I restarted the Mac once more and began work again hoping that I’d get some speed back. However, Bridge would not boot up for me, after several crashes and failed attempts, Google led me to the solution. Hold ‘option’ down as soon as Bridge opens, this allows you to choose one of 3 options, reset preferences, reset default workspace, or purge the entire thumbnail cache. So I chose ‘reset preferences’. Immediately Bridge started behaving exactly like new, previews were rendering instantly (instead of taking an age) and it was lightning quick to browse through folders. Brilliant! Problem solved!

Not only that, but now EVERYTHING else is running quicker, I can switch between apps with no spinning colour wheel and life is a whole lot zippier, and, most importantly… happier! It’s like having a new Mac :))

If there is something inherently wrong with Adobe Bridge CS3 and you too are suffering from performance issues with your computer, I hope my experiences help you to get back up to full speed.