Designer Label: Brochure Design


Branding for Weddings at The Maritime Hotel

I was invited to produce a new brand and printed promotional material for The Maritime Hotel in Bantry to specifically promote their weddings.... more


Ballywire Digital Brochure

This digital brochure aimed to visually explain the concept of the business, i.e. a media factory producing high-end digital video content and delivering it to highly receptive audiences via numerous mediums.... more


Pfizer Pension Scheme Annual Report

The Pfizer Irish Pension Scheme Annual Report has always been seen as a prestigious job among design companies and I was lucky enough to get my chance for the 1999 report.... more


Nurture Childcare Brochures

I've produced all of Nurture's literature since start-up back in 2004.... more


LSS Sales Brochure

A sales brochure for a company who specialise in computer networking. My concept portrayed the company as a positive network, I supported that by designing a positive icon that was flexible and interlocked perfectly, creating... more


Inspire Sales Brochure

The aim of this brochure was to encourage sales by showing local businesses that effective, high quality design and print was available on their doorstep.... more


FEXCO Sales Brochure

As the product related to credit cards and global transactions, my design was sized in proportion to a credit card and the finished product was emblazoned with a real hologram to complete the credit card... more


BioPower Brochure

Information brochure that explained how the company’s expertise and investment in renewable energy would benefit the whole country over the coming years.... more