Designer Label: Brochure


Branding for Weddings at The Maritime Hotel

I was invited to produce a new brand and printed promotional material for The Maritime Hotel in Bantry to specifically promote their weddings.... more


Ballywire Digital Brochure

This digital brochure aimed to visually explain the concept of the business, i.e. a media factory producing high-end digital video content and delivering it to highly receptive audiences via numerous mediums.... more


West Cork Hotel Literature

I've been fortunate over the last few months to have been able to continue the work I started last year on the corporate identity for The West Cork Hotel. This has led to a stream... more


Pfizer Recruitment Brochure

Pfizer wanted to recruit truly exceptional individuals and this brochure set out the mind-set they were looking for.... more


Pfizer Pension Scheme Annual Report

The Pfizer Irish Pension Scheme Annual Report has always been seen as a prestigious job among design companies and I was lucky enough to get my chance for the 1999 report.... more


Storefit Sales Brochure

One of my favourite pieces of work - the brochure’s success was gauged by its eight year life-span.... more


Port of Cork Annual Report

Annual Reports can be tedious affairs to read (if you're not an accountant!), so it's quite a challenge to make it visually stimulating.... more


One Direct Brochure

A new investment product for One Direct required something different and fresh. ... more